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Aicella, Inc.’s commitment to transforming CAR-T therapy development, showcasing their InsightsTM data dashboard as a pivotal tool within a larger offering aimed at academic and industry customers. It invites engagement and collaboration with stakeholders in the field to drive innovation and progress.

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The InsightsTM tool serves as the cornerstone of a comprehensive offering tailored for academic and industry customers…

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After intense efforts over the past several years, the field of cell therapy has yet to make significant progress…


A web-based dashboard and process design “toolkit” with “ChatGPT” like functionality that incorporates analysis of process data to determine critical parameters for CAR-T based therapy development, avoid bottlenecks, and ultimately connect patient clinical responses to key process parameters; The tool will allow visualization of the most impactful process parameters using each of the seven AI algorithms in a user-friendly interface. In addition, the interface will provide the option to perform simulations to further understand how changes to process parameters can potentially impact patient responses.

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